ALL TICKETS FOR THE SILVER RAVENWOLF SEMINAR HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT!!! Seminar is Saturday Sept 27th at 2:30 pm....SHOP WILL BE CLOSED FOR SEMINAR FROM 2-6 PM THAT SATURDAY! We will soon be changing our website from a store front to a web page with current info. Sorry, however our shop in Gettysburg will remain open year round. We do reduce the hours over the winter months but will give notice and post current hours online. Currently Sun 10-4 pm Mon & Tues. 10-5 /// WEDS. OPEN BY CHANCE THRU SEPT.// Thurs 10-6 Fri & Sat. 10-7. We may be open later than posted when business warrents it.

Welcome to the Crystal Wand. Our metaphysical shop carries much of what you need or are looking for, from healing crystals and stones, to divination tools such as dowsing rods, pendulums, crystal balls, tarot cards & runes. We also feature a good selection of ritual tools for our Wiccan & Pagan friends, like Holy Water, Athames, Chalices, Robes, Alter Cloths, Journals, Herbs, Oils & Candles and more!. Check us out when you are in Gettysburg, we're the only shop in the entire area of our kind. -- The full moon is in Pisces this month on the 8th. Look for insights and psychic awareness to take place for those whose planets are in proximity to the mid point of Virgo or Pisces.

The Crystal Wand is located at 529 Baltimore St. in Gettysburg, across the street from the Jenny Wade House parking lot.